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A community that want to support Palestinians to build a self sustaining economy.  
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Support Palestinian ventures in building trading relationships with the West


Celebrate the creative projects in the West Bank and Gaza


Empower businesses, governments and individuals in the West actively support viable Palestinian ventures

Supporting Palestinians Entrepreneurs and Businesses.. 

 In the spring of 2019, Jon co-lead a team to Israel and the Palestinian Territories to build an international prayer house in Bethlehem. 

During the trip, Jon Simmons met with Palestinian leaders and entrepreneurs , with intention of discovering what Palestinian businesses and entrepreneurs need from the Western businesses, consumers and government to build their own future.

The finding from the interviews inspired Jon to write a series of articles that showcases the skills that Palestinians are sharing with the world.

The series aims to spotlight that under very challenging circumstances, many Palestinians have persevered to build businesses and creative ventures that are worthy of our active encouragement and investment.

How to Support Palestinian Businesses was the first article from the Partnering for Palestinian Prosperity series and was published on the Times Of Israel in November 2019, and on Jon’s LinkedIn.

 We believe that much of the energy that is spent attacking and encouraging the West to boycott and sanction Israel is better invested in celebrating the Palestinians entrepreneuss and small businesses.

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